Some of the questions you've asked about JAC

Q: What's an HTML email?
A: This is an email that appears with some type of formatting. This can be simple, such as different colours and fonts, or more complicated such as using images and tables. The advantage to sending HTML emails is that they can make your material easier to read and appear more appealing to your readers. JAC lets you send newsletters as HTML emails without needing to understand the technical jargon.

Q: I want to send my newsletter in text and not HTML - is this possible?
A: No problems. JAC can let you send plain text newsletters, or you can send your newsletter in a format that means it will appear as either plain text or HTML depending on the recipient's email software.

Q: What will I write about?
A: Subjects that matter to your customers and that you can talk about in an interesting and helpful manner. Although it seems daunting at first, it's very easy to come up with a list of topics that your existing and prospective customers will want to read. The golden rule of ezine content is: be interesting, relevant, and useful!

Q: Who should I send my newsletter to?
A: Anyone who is interested in your business and has asked to receive it! Starting a newsletter with a small or nonexistent mailing list can appear daunting, but most people have quite a few contacts they can invite to receive the newsletter, and you'll be surprised at how quickly your list can grow.

Q: How do I grow my mailing list?
A: By promoting it as much as possible - in particular having a subscription form on your website. And make sure you send out an "invitation issue" to all your contacts, inviting them to subscribe to receive your newsletter on an on-going basis.

We'll give you plenty of personalised, hands-on advice to develop your own mailing list, but for some more suggestions to get you started download our free checklist.

Q: Will my newsletter be viewed as SPAM?
A: Not if you only add people to your mailing list when they have agreed to receive your newsletter. Don't just add people because you happen to have their email address - make sure each recipient specifically wants to read your newsletter.

Q: How often should I send my newsletter?
A: As often as you feel comfortable, and ideally at least once a month - any less often and your newsletter will lose its impact.

The key is to choose a schedule that you are confident you can maintain and then stick to it. State the frequency of the newsletter alongside your sign-up form so that your readers know how often they are going to receive your newsletter and will be expecting it.

Q: How long does my newsletter need to be?
A: As long or as short as you like - as long as you're interesting! There are no set rules for newsletter length and there are as many successful short ezines as there are long ones.

The most important factors are to have a consistent structure to your newsletter and to be able to stick to it. If you try to include too much material, you'll find writing each issue harder and more time consuming than it needs to be - and it's more likely that you'll fall behind with your publication.

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