May 2008


The new committee is getting settled into running the Tuesday Business Club, since Linda left us and we seem to be managing alright. We've got some great speakers lined up over the next few months, to really help you with your business. There is also plenty of time for networking at our monthly meetings, so if you're looking for new contacts in the local area, you need to make sure you come along to our meetings.

In this issue of Networking News, you can find out about our next meeting and get some tips on how to get over your networking nerves, in our How Not to Network article.

If you have any suggestions for what else you'd like to see in the newsletter or at our meetings, please get in touch and let us know.

Best wishes,

The Tuesday Business Club Team

In this issue:

  1. Forthcoming meetings
  2. Past meetings
  3. Members events
  4. How not to network

The Next Meeting - Tuesday 13 May 2008

Would you like to increase the number times people browse your website? And increase their viewings to sales?

Well, you can quadruple your chances of that happening if you have a web video on your home page. A web video is a great way for a business owner to form that important first step to a relationship with a potential customer – without you being there in person. It helps them see who you are and bring a human dimension to the written copy on your page. And as you know, it's not necessarily what you sell, it is who you are that people are likely to buy – especially if you are providing a service.

Mind you, have you seen business owners on some sites – the hesitant delivery, the wooden smiles, the stiff shoulders up to the ears, the jerky speech? The ‘talking heads' approach can appear embarrassing to the viewer and terrify the nervous business owner. I'm sure you've seen them and cringed!

Sarah McCloughry, a top drama school trained voice and presentation coach and Gill Gee, an experienced videographer help people in business produce Oscar winning performances and quality web videos at an affordable price.

At the Tuesday Business Club this month you can hear them talk about how to get the best out of your web video. Click on Sarah's photo to hear what she has to say and watch her on video!

This meeting will start at 6.30pm at the Shillingford Bridge Hotel near Wallingford.

Click here to book your place at the meeting.

Past Meetings - What's Going on in Wallingford?

At our April meeting, we were joined by Elaine Hornsby of the Wallingford Business Partnership, who shared with us her vision for the future of this local market town.

Tuesday Business Club and the Partnership are joining forces, so if you become a member of one, you'll get membership of the other - so double the opportunity to promote your business to local clients.

Solve the Web, the founders of this networking group, has also been involved in setting up a new website at It's work in progress, so please take a look and let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions on what would help you on this site, please let us know.

Membership Renewals

Don't forget to renew your membership of Tuesday Business Club!

Or join if you're not already a member!

What do you get for your money?

  • Discounted entry to the monthly meetings
  • The chance to advertise your company on the website
  • The opportunity to display your marketing materials at the meetings
  • Space to advertise your events in this newsletter

Joint membership with the Wallingford Business Partnership also gives you a listing on the new Wallingford website and in the annual business directory delivered to every house in the OX10 area.

Click here to visit the website and download a membership form. Or just send us a cheque for £30, made out to Tuesday Business Club.

How Not to Network

Each month we'll bring you tips on how to get more from your networking.

This month - how do you get over your networking nerves?

When you go into the room at an informal networking meeting for the first time, get yourself a drink or some food. Don't get both, because you'll need one hand free to shake hands or give out your business card if you are asked for it.

If it's available, get yourself a list of the attendees and study it before you talk to anyone. Remember the objectives you set yourself before the meeting, so look for the sort of people you want to talk to. If you're there with a friend or colleague, ask them to introduce you to someone in particular.

If you're at a meeting on your own and you're not sure about starting a conversation with a stranger, look for someone you know. Make sure you don't cling to them all evening, but instead ask them to introduce you to other people. You can also ask the organiser to introduce you to people.

When you're confident enough to jump right in, start by scanning the room for a warm and friendly looking group that's not having an intense conversation. Two people standing close together, deep in conversation, will be difficult to join in with.

If you can't find a group to join, look for someone else standing on their own. They are probably feeling just as nervous as you and will really thank you for rescuing them!

If you've read this and you're still nervous about going to a new meeting, then go with a friend or colleague. Arrange to meet them outside the meeting so you are not left hanging around not knowing who to talk to. They can take you in, introduce you to the host and help you get some conversations going.

The Tuesday Business Club is a great place to practice your networking skills!

By Chantal Cornelius

Next month - What should you do after you've met someone at a networking meeting?