Manifest Health Newsletter April 2008

Dear Adam,

Welcome to Manifest Health’s April 2008 Newsletter.

Detoxing is a never ending journey and it’s a journey that we all need to consider at some point in our lives nowadays. 

Manifest Health are using this newsletter to offer you a bit of company on the journey you are taking.  We are on the same journey too.

We all need to continue to remove any unwanted toxins that have got into our bodies, then rebuild and repair ourselves again.  The cycle of ‘remove rebuild repair’ should continue throughout our lives so we should consider ourselves a ‘work in progress’. 

Re-move, Re-build, Re-pair

All the effort and change you may be making in what you are eating and drinking and how you are living your life may simply not have the desired effect if you still have a build up of toxins that need to be removed from your body. 

Retaining toxins in your body is a very real problem nowadays and though your body is designed to detoxify itself it simply can’t always cope with the quantity of toxins or types of toxins it is now encountering. 

Your body can become overwhelmed if you don’t offer it any kind of extra support and as you probably already know, lodged toxins create barriers to achieving optimal health and wellbeing if they are not removed.

Can’t get to a spa or retreat?
Neither can we!

Sunnier warmer days are just around the corner. Natural, fresh, local, organic products, foods and drinks are there to enjoy. You are changing your lifestyle for the better and are working towards achieving better health. This has to be the best time of year to really improve your life, health and overall wellbeing doesn’t it?

Time, money, obligations all get in the way don’t they when you want to detox. So, what can you do? Why not join in with one of our new online detoxing groups?

Although Manifest Health itself is not qualified to offer guidance as you detox we can, however, bring together like minded detoxers to share their experiences in our online community.

Juice FastLots of you have asked about 'fasting'. Fancy joining an online group who are spending a day on juices and fluids alone to see what it feels like? If your Doctor says it's ok then join us, you're very welcome!

Group cleanses online...starting next month…

- One day juice fasts (Fast on Friday)
- Liver & Gallbladder flush

Follow this link to find out more.

Greener trading 2008
Greener TradingReduce - reuse - recycle

Each month we are identifying ways to become a greener trader!

Our green task this month..."How can we reduce paper wastage throughout our company?"

Support us in this and by the end of May it should be up and running.

- Send information & invoices via email or as PDFs.
- Reuse envelopes & boxes wherever possible
- Shred paperwork we no longer need & recycle.

Heavy Metal Testing Kits

Because you may need to become a bit of a detective when you decide to take more responsibility for your health, we have started to put together a range of simple home testing kits.

As always, we only sell products that we would be happy to use ourselves and here at Manifest we tried out the ‘Osumex Heavy Metal Testing Kits’ before we would agree to sell them. We were really impressed with how easy the single use tests were to use, how fast the results were shown and how easy it was to understand the meaning of the results.

Heavy Metal Testing KitsOsumex produce a fabulous range of single use tests to detect heavy metals in the body. As well as the broad spectrum 'General Test' there are specific tests for Aluminium, Arsenic, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Manganese, Mercury, Nickel and Zinc.

Manifest Health now stock them all, as well as supporting products. Follow this link to view our range in the Heavy Metal Detox section of our website.

If you find you do have heavy metals present in your body read the page on our website which give good clues on how to remove them safely and effectively.

p.s. One member of staff at Manifest Health had undertaken a heavy metal detox following the result of a 'General Heavy Metal Test' result that showed she had heavy metals in her system.
She had not been aware that they were there before. The test was carried out about 3 months ago and she was really pleased to report that when she retested for heavy metals recently the results came up clear. She had been detoxing using HMD Cilantro, available from our shop.

You can find out more about Heavy Metal Toxicity from our website, simply follow this link

Things people say...

Excellent service - item received very quickly and very informative booklet as well

Thank you again for the update, so far you’re the most professional seller I have ever dealt with and I will be delighted to leave my positive feedback for you and wish you continued success with your business.

Wow I am so impressed - what customer service, very much appreciated!

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Book of the Month

Tao of DetoxThis Month we are recommending The Tao of Detox by Daniel Reid. 

The holistic approach to detox from bestselling author and leading expert on Eastern philosophy and medicine, Daniel Reid.

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Online leaflets

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Psyllium Husk Powder - tell me more!
(Pronounced sill-ee-yum)

Manifest Health only sells products that we’d be happy to use ourselves.

Although you may be able to find similar products elsewhere they may not be the products we’d choose to use.  Why? Let us tell you about our Psyllium husk powder…..

What’s it for?
Psyllium husk powder is the seed husk powdered down to a fine texture. The powder is then added to juice or water and then drunk. It is typically the product of choice when you need an effective ‘intestinal broom’. The husks have no nutritional value.

How we choose it
Most Psyllium husk powder comes from India. The main criteria we check for are that the powder only contains the husk (ie no fillers) and that the powder has been properly sterilised to remove potential pathogens. 
There are usually three sterilisation processes that might have been used: Radiation, Ethylene Trioxide and Steam sterilisation. If you are not sure how it has been sterilised ask your supplier. Of the three sterlisation processes Manifest Health favours steam sterilisation as it effectively kills unwanted pathogens but will not then potentially leave any unwanted residues in your body from taking the powder itself!

Buy the best Psyllium husk powder you can afford and if it’s not been sterilised or if your supplier cannot tell you how it has been sterilised don’t buy it from them.

Cleaned using steam sterilisation

Cleaned using Ethylene Trioxide


Cleaned using Radiation

Not cleaned – Don’t use it!

Psyllium must be fully hydrated when you drink it and you must continue to drink plenty of water all the time you have psyllium in your body.  Psyllium soaks up water like a sponge and without enough water the husks can dry out  and can become lodged and compacted inside you.  Drink plenty of extra water or don’t take the Psyllium.

Great to assist cleansing the colon of mucoid plaque (especially when used with Bentonite Clay) and for taking water to the colon and as an ‘intestinal broom’.  It’s basically fibre supplementation with a brilliant cleaning action.

Manifest Health supply Psyllium husk powder that has been steam sterilised and contains no fillers.

“We select our products on recommendations made by respected current experts in their field and by listening to the feedback from our Therapists and you our customers.  Manifest then takes the time to seek out the best products we can find based on that information and feedback”