Issue 3

Dear Reader,

Welcome to The Late Breakfast Newsletter. We have had a great month with some excellent speakers and entertaining and interesting events.

HURRAH we reached our target 30 at the Abingdon event. It was a little touch and go as when the meeting started we were at 29 - however, Jackie from Life in Balance( arrived to help us reach our target number.  Thank you Jackie.

April Promotion - if you still have vouchers you can use them at any of the events in May. This proved to be a popular promotion and we were pleased to see people enjoying more than one meeting.

In our last edition and at our meetings we asked for articles from you - this is our first 'letter to the editor'

I read with interest your marketing tip of the month on researching customer profile. I think I might need some help. Sacha Barnes Associates was launched on the 1st of December 2007 at The Colin Sanders Innovation Centre. Thanks to my business Partner who ran his own company for the last 20 years we have no real shortage of clients, however, not wanting to rest upon past good fortune and being eager to find my own way and prove my worth, I decided to use a few quiet moments to write around to all the possible contacts I could think of. Convinced that it would be best to target my marketing with a personalised letter, rather than spend lots of dosh on advertising in trade journals etc I put pen to paper (with the aid of my brand new computer and letter headed, recycled paper). I have now written to about 150 trusted names, acquaintances and related professional practices. Some weeks later I have had precisely two responses, wishing me well in my new venture. Now either I'm doing something very wrong or everyone out there is much busier than me. And in the mean time we have put a web site together and can be easily Google’d. But I’m not down hearted, in fact I'm getting such a buzz from starting our own business after 30 years working in local authority and the sun has started to shine. The one thing I am sure of though, I clearly need some advice and more than a bit of training. This is where I find the Late Breakfast so helpful. Taking a couple of hours out from the day job is quite feasible, not at all painful and when it comes to ‘speed networking’a lot of fun. What I need now Christine is a strong coffee, a Danish pastry, good company and a speaker on how to target potential clients. Line it up please. Jeremy, Sacha Barnes Associates,

Marketing Tip of the Month: Concentrate a portion of your marketing resource on your current customers - keeping them happy will keep them coming back!


The Late Breakfast Abingdon Wednesday 7th May 2008

Solution Thinking with Sarah Green

This covers the fundamentals of personal effectiveness and how to get the best from ourselves to add the greatest value to our business. Find solutions to your specific challenges and discover increased energy, motivation and inspiration whilst having fun!

The Late Breakfast Cherwell Valley Wednesday 14th May 2008

Getting to know you!

Networking in small groups in a dynamic challenging atmosphere – A chance to put into practise the hints and tips you learnt from Leslie at our April meeting

The Late Breakfast Oxford  Wednesday 21st May 2008

How Do You Promote Your Business Online?

Websites, Email Newsletters and Keywords - How Do You Bring Them All Together to Grow Your Business?

This session will look at:

  • Keywords – what are keywords and how you can find the right ones for you?
  • Search Engine Optimisation – the foundation work you need to do on your web pages, to make sure you get the exposure you need through search engines.
  • Email newsletters - using that data to grow your readership and build strong relationships with clients who keep coming back for more! 

What will you gain?  By using an integrated approach to your marketing you can gain more customers with less effort, less time and expense.

This presentation will be given by Chantal from Apple Tree, a marketing business that specialises in helping small business owners keep in touch with their clients and contacts, mainly through email newsletters.

The Late Breakfast BanburyWednesday 28thMay 2008

Getting to know you!

Networking in small groups in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.


Wednesday June 25th - Banbury in Business Exhibition. The Late Breakfast will be hosting a networking event and have an exhibition stand that has space for your literature if you can't be there for the whole time  - check out this link for further information


An overview of our most recent meetings - what did you miss??

March was a busy month for networking - we tried speed networking and small group networking.  It was exhausting but we certainly got to know one another a little better and I saw at least one strategic partnership being 'born'.

Train to Gain and Business Link were both big contributors to The Late Breakfast events. Business Link was promoting home working, highlighting the electronic forms of communication that now allow us to work from virtually anywhere. Bill McCardle from the LSC  provided us with an excellent overview of Train to Gain. This is a service that can help any company no matter what size. If you would like to find out more - check out this website

April was equally as eventful across the groups - Lesley Reader spoke at The Late Breakfast Cherwell Valley- an excellent interactive session discussing making the most of networking events. Lesley worked with the group to address their individual challenges making this event a very useful tool for the future - if you would like to contact Lesley follow this link -

In Oxford we were lucky enough to hear Placi O’Neill-Espajo from Cherwell Innovation Centre talk about the various areas businesses can get help from.  We explored funding options, business planning and various business support agencies. Placi is a natural business match maker who has experience at all levels and is an excellent source of information. Follow this link for more information about Cherwell Innovation Centre -

Our Banbury guests were treated to a presentation by Merrill Jacobs from Genero Web design. Merrill lead an interactive session looking at how to make your website into a user friendly customer focused source of information for your customers, contacts and prospects. The group were able to discuss their own experiences and get specific advice from a web specialist. For more information visit -

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