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Dear Alun

What's your opinion on ... opinions? Are you willing to share with other people what you think, or do you hide behind the general consensus? I'm in the mood for sharing, so in this issue of the A-Z of Newsletters, O is where I'm going to share with you my opinion on opinions and how important they are. And while we're on the topic of sharing, keep reading to find out about something else I'd really like to share with you.

I hope you like this opinionated issue!

Best wishes,


O is for What's Your Opinion?

Do you use your newsletter to share your opinion about your industry and your area of specialisation? Or do you use it to tell your readers what someone else is already saying? Used properly, you can use your opinion to grow your reputation and really make your newsletter work for you.

How can you use your newsletter to share your opinion?

  • Are you an expert? If you're an expert, you're probably held in higher regard than lesser mortals, you're more in demand and you can charge more. Sharing your opinion on the subject in which you specialise demonstrates your knowledge in that field and helps establish your reputation as an expert. If you don't tell people what you really think, why should anyone read your newsletter?

  • Stand out from the crowd. Whether you like it or not, there are dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of other people who do what you do. Your readers, prospects and clients could go to any one of your competitors. So how do you stand out from that crowd? By sharing your opinion in your newsletter. Don't settle for the 'me too' approach, but make a stand to stand out.

  • Lead the way. You don't have to invent a new product, service or concept in order to grow your reputation and become an expert. Instead you can lead the way with your opinion. Tell people what you think of issues in your market place and your readers will keep coming to you when they need advice.

Use your newsletter to share your opinion - and not that of other people - and your readers will begin to see you as an expert, someone who is different and someone with whom they want to work.

O is also for Open Invitation

I'd like to share something else with you. When I was a teenager I made up a story about having to prove to everyone that I was good at everything and better than other people. I became judgemental and inauthentic. No one told me I had to behave like this - it all came from beating my sister in one exam, which she probably doesn't even remember - and I created a story around the event. I've been using this story for many years, to push myself and my business. I've been trying to prove to everyone - you included - that I'm perfect. I've been trying to look good.

Last weekend I realised that I made up this story and that I've been using it to push myself. It's what made me ill last autumn (and then I tried to hide behind the illness.) It wasn't easy, but I've forgiven myself for using this story, for being so inauthentic and for trying to always put on a good show. I've taken full responsibility for my actions and as a result I now have a clean slate and can see so many new possibilities opening up. I can finally see how I can really make a difference to other people's lives and businesses.

How did I manage this? By going on an amazing three day course in London. Tonight (Tuesday 4 March) I'm going back for the final session and would like to invite you to share this wonderful experience with me. Come along to hear what I've achieved and see some of the possibilities that can open up to you. The evening is free to guests and is being held at the Holiday Inn on Regents Park. If you'd like more information, or to let me know that you're coming, click here. I really hope to see you there.

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