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Hi Alun

Well it's obvious, isn't it? N is for Newsletters, surely!

It is, but if I try to write a whole issue on newsletters, we'll be here until Christmas 2020. So in this issue I'm going to be a bit more specific and write about what N is not for - while still being related to newsletters!? Bear with me and read on to see where we go!

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N is for What NOT To Do

Once you've learnt how to publish a newsletter, you'll find it gets easier. However, there are plenty of things that can go wrong and affect the results of all your hard work.

What should you NOT do with your newsletter?

  • Not set a schedule. If you don't plan how often you're going to publish your newsletter, you'll find it much harder to write. When you get used to writing on a certain day of the week, or collecting ideas in order to have your next issue ready for a deadline, the whole process becomes easier and less daunting.

  • Send on the wrong day. Is there a wrong day? No, but there are better days or times of day to send your newsletter. Is Friday afternoon a good time to ask people to take action? Will your email get lost among hundreds of others, if it arrives before 9am on Monday morning? Are you giving the right impression by sending a business newsletter over the weekend or late at night?

  • Not put your readers first. If what you write is not relevant to your readers and won't benefit them in some way, why should they bother to carry on reading? Too many newsletter are full of how wonderful the writer is, which makes me head for the unsubscribe button!

I hope this hasn't put you off sending an email newsletter! There's a lot to think about and a lot of ongoing work needed, to make sure your newsletter does its job. But if you put in the work, your newsletter will repay you.

N is also for ...

How Not to Do Newsletters - back by popular demand, I'm running a half day workshop on how to plan, write and send a really great email newsletter. The workshop will be on 2 April 2008 at the Shillingford Bridge Hotel, near Wallingford, in Oxfordshire (UK). If you'd like more information on what you'll get from the day, just click here. 

Newsletter Know How. Some newsletter systems are quite cheap to use, but don't give you much in the way of marketing advice and support, which the more expensive ones do. About six months ago I started planning a new service for people who want to send regular newsletters, without the high cost, but with the support. It's called Newsletter Know How and the club will be going live on 1 April (no joke!). If you'd like to pre-register with no obligation and be one of the first to receive an invitation to join, click here to send me your details.

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