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Is L for Lists, Logos or Loyalty? In this issue of the A-Z of Newsletters, L stands for all of them, because they are all important things to think about when you're promoting your business. Using your newsletter is a great way of doing just that.

I hope you Learn a Lot from this not very Long issue!

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L is for Lists, Logos and Loyalty

Publishing a newsletter isn't just about what you write. It's about who you send it to, how it looks and how often you send it.

How do you use lists and logos to develop loyalty with your newsletter?

  • Lists. You have a list of all your clients, don't you? You know where they are, how you met them, what they buy from you, when they last bought and when their birthdays are (well, maybe!) Make sure all your customers receive your newsletter; if one hasn't bought for a while, use your newsletter to get in touch to remind them that you're still there.

  • Logos. Your logo will remind people who you are and what you do. If you don't have a logo, find a graphic designer who can create one for you, because while home made logos are cheaper, they don't give the same impression as professionally created ones. Once you've got your logo, make sure it appears in your newsletter so your readers know exactly who it's from at a glance.

  • Loyalty. How loyal are your clients? Will they keep buying your service even if one of your competitors approaches them? Will they tell their friends about how great you are? Send them regular newsletters and you can keep reminding them that you're there to help them and all their contacts. Keep in touch on a regular basis to keep your customers loyal.

Keep your list up to date, make the best use of your logo and you can build loyalty in your customers and grow your business.

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