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Dear Alun

How is the open rate of your newsletter? And by 'open rate', I mean the percentage or number of people who open each issue of your email newsletter.

How do you persuade your readers to open your newsletter every time they receive a copy? Is there anything that you can do, when your open rate starts to drop? The good news is that the answer is yes. I've noticed some interesting trends and thought I'd share some tips with you in this issue of the A-Z of Newsletters about Headlines and how important they are.

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H is for Headlines

One of the first things your readers see when your newsletter drops into their in boxes is the headline, so you need to make sure it's good enough to encourage them to open it.

How do you write headlines that grab attention?

  • Open ended questions. If you ask a question that can be answered with a 'no' it's likely to be a turn off. Unless you're a management consultant who asks "Do you have time to read this?" This headline got a record open rate for Shine Consulting.

  • Keywords. What do you specialise in and what do people know you for? If you can weave your keywords into your headline, you'll get a much higher open rate. I do newsletters, so it really helps if I put the name of this newsletter into my headlines.

  • Emotional issues. What are your readers struggling with? If you know what's causing them pain, tell them you can help. It worked for the Adword Adviser when she said "SEO is not a black art."

Keeping the attention of your readers with every issue of your newsletter is an ongoing challenge. Think carefully about your headlines and it should help keep your open rate at a respectable level.

What's your favourite headline? Click here to share your ideas with other readers of the A-Z of Newsletters.

H is also for Help!

If you're running an event in your local area and need help promoting it, you can get in touch with Business Link. I've done this recently and they're doing a great job of promoting my forthcoming workshop for me - How Not to Do Newsletters on 6 December. Click here if you'd like to receive a booking form and more details, as there are still some places left.

Need some help with coming up with great topics to write about in your newsletter? If you'd like a worksheet, click here to visit my website, select Newsletters from the list and download a free PDF that will get you thinking.

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