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Dear Alun

By the time you read this issue, which was published on 6 November 2007, I will be sitting under a palm tree, sipping rum punch without a computer or mobile phone to be seen. How is that possible? How can I send you a newsletter when Iím holiday? And why should I bother to publish an issue when I'm away enjoying myself?

This issue of the A-Z of Newsletters is all about Going on Holiday and whether or not your newsletter should take a holiday too.

I hope it makes better reading than the pile of trashy novels by my deck chair!

Best wishes,


PS Since I left my desk a day after publishing the last issue of this newsletter - F is for Feedback - I didn't have time to reply to many of the wonderful feedback emails I received in response to that issue. If you replied, thank you and I promise I'll be in touch when I'm back at my computer. If you missed the last issue, click here to read it.

G is for Going on Holiday

You've packed your bucket and spade or your skis and you're off to the beach or slopes for a well earned rest. You don't want to do any work while you're away, as you'd like a proper break. Writing a newsletter with a sun downer isn't going to be an option.

Do you give your newsletter a holiday too? I don't think you should and here are some ideas on how and why to keep publishing, even though you're paddling.

  • Your readers aren't on holiday. When you start publishing an email newsletter, you make a promise to your readers to provide them with useful information or insights on a regular basis. They may come to rely on your tips and motivation and if you take a break, you'll be letting them down.

  • Keep up the momentum. Most people come home from a holiday very relaxed and it can be difficult to get back to work. It can also be hard to get back to writing your newsletter, especially if you already find the writing difficult. Keep publishing to keep up momentum.

  • Publish in advance. How did I manage to send you this while I'm thousands of miles from my desk? The system I use to publish this newsletter ( has a clever feature that lets me write a newsletter, save it and set the publication date in advance. I wrote this issue before I jumped on the plane and it means I have a week's grace when I get back to the office - time to get into the swing of writing, so you'll receive the next fortnightly issue on time.

Holidays are extremely important and if you don't take enough time off, your health and your business will suffer. With modern technology designed to keep working for you 24 hours a day, why not put it to work and let your newsletter take the strain for a couple of weeks, so you don't have to?

G is also for Getting More Help with Your Newsletter

6 December - How Not to Do a Newsletter Workshop

Leigh from recently told me that as a result of my workshop she came to in the summer, she has now launched her newsletter. Well done, Leigh!

If you've not yet started publishing your newsletter, come along to this half day workshop and I'll help you get over your stumbling block. The most common ones are "I don't know what to write about" and "I don't think I'll be able to write regular/consistently good newsletters". I've helped dozens of people like you get over these issues and go on to publish great newsletters.

If you already publish a newsletter and need some ideas for refreshing it in 2008, then come along to the workshop. You'll pick up lots of new ideas on how it could look, what you can write and how to grow your mailing list.

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