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Dear Alun

One of the great things about writing a series for your email newsletter is that you can easily ask your readers for suggestions for the next issue. I did this in the last issue of the A-Z of Newsletters and received lots of great ideas. Thank you to everyone who got in touch.

I hope you find the suggestions I've selected helpful in writing and publishing your newsletter.

Best wishes,


E is for Enthusiasm and Excitement

Do you ever start writing your newsletter when you're feeling a little low on enthusiasm? Do you find yourself writing about issues that you're not really very enthusiastic about?

Sue Hewitt at Milecastle Consultancy wrote about enthusiasm and excitement with such energy that I've included her exact words for you here.

She says "Enthusiasm and excitement are essential elements of newsletter writing. If you write your newsletter with a down at heel feeling then that will transmit to your readers. On the other hand if you enthuse about your subject, that will also transmit to your readers. You are the expert in what you write about, you love it, you do it all day every day and have to be dragged away from it for family holidays or food; you live, breathe and exude it day after day so simply transmit some of that passion in your writing and your readers will be hooked. Easy really - write about your passion and the energy and enthusiasm will shine through!"

I couldn't have put it better myself! And if you don't think you're an expert in what you do, just ask some of your clients how they see you and you'll soon see yourself and your newsletter differently.

For more energy and enthusiasm, sign up for Sue's email newsletter Positive Energy by clicking here to visit her website.

E is also for ...

Expertise - on 16 October I've been invited to take part in a workshop with two experts in Internet marketing. We'll be looking at websites, search engine optimisation, Google AdWords and email newsletters and how you can bring the whole lot together. If you can integrate your online marketing, you can create greater results, no matter what size your budget. For full details and online booking for this workshop that only costs 25, click here. Or you can click here to email me for more information.

Experiences - one of my clients is a charity that helps disabled people to enjoy sailing on a reservoir near Oxford. They are currently raising money for new equipment that will help more people with disabilities enjoy taking part in sport. They're holding a Raffle of Experiences, so if you fancy winning a flying or gliding lesson, a day at a spa, or tea in the House of Commons, click here to visit their website. On the Home page you'll find a link to the full list of prizes and details of how you can buy tickets. Or get in touch with me and I can send you some.

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