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Dear Alun

I started writing the A-Z of Newsletters because I thought it would be an easy way to find inspiration for sharing advice about newsletters with you every two weeks. For the most part, this has been the case. However, this issue is brought to you by Z and was looking like it might be difficult to prepare, until I turned to my trusty dictionary.

So this newsletter is all about how to keep the interest going in your newsletter - both yours and your readers. Have you got it yet ...?

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Z is for Zest

zest n. keen enjoyment or interest, relish (for), gusto

Writing a regular newsletter can be hard work, especially if you strive to provide top quality content every time. But you need to keep working at it, to provide that consistent quality, if you're going to keep your readers interested. And that can be hard work. Many people fall by the wayside and either reduce the number of newsletters they send or stop writing altogether, neither of which are good for your business.

How do you add some zest to your newsletter?

  • Interview someone in your business. If you start struggling to think of things to write about, ask one of your business colleagues about some of the issues they get asked about by clients and their solutions to those issues. They can give you - and your readers - a fresh perspective on what you do.

  • Talk to your clients. If you work on your own and can't interview a colleague, then interview one of your clients. Ask them what problems you help them to solve and use their approach to add some zest to what you write.

  • Invite a guest writer in. You don't have to write every issue of your newsletter yourself. Inviting someone you trust to write an article - preferably about a subject that's related to your newsletter subject - can bring some freshness to your newsletter.

'Zest' also means 'stimulating flavour' so make sure you add some to your newsletter every now and then, and you'll find it easier to keep your readers interested.

Z is also for the End

So we've reached the end of the alphabet! It was always going to happen and readers have been asking for a while about what will happen next.

I've had so much fun writing the A-Z of Newsletters and have received so many great ideas from readers as to what the next letter should be for, that I still have masses to write. So I'm going to start again! Not only that, but from 31 July, this newsletter will no longer be called JAC Tips. It will be called The A-Z of Newsletters - so look out for it in your inbox on Tuesday 31 July.

The first time round, A was for Attraction (and you can read it by clicking here). What should it be for this time? Click here to tell me.

And finally ... How Not to Do Newsletters

Two weeks ago I mentioned that I'm running two half day workshops on how to plan, write and send a newsletter. We have some possible dates - 13 or 14 November, or 4 or 5 December. Which would you prefer? Click here to tell me.

Book before 1 September and the cost is just 35 (+VAT); the cost goes up to 40 (+VAT) after that date. There's also a free copy of the 9 Golden Rules of Newsletter Design, when you book, to help you get started.

Previous participants said "Helped me to re-think the way I do my newsletter and gave me confidence" and "Clear, confident presentation that was full of information."

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