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In the last issue of JAC Tips I said that this issue would be about Words, Winning new clients and Williams F1, so that's what it is all about. Words are extremely important in your newsletter and the right words can help you win clients. Where does Williams F1 fit in? Read on to find out!

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W is for Words, Winning Clients ...

The words that you write in your newsletter are extremely important. Some people don't think it matters what you write, but without the right words, you won't be able to keep your readers interested and persuade them to buy from you.

How do you use words to win clients?

  • Speak their language. It's very easy to get carried away when writing a newsletter, filling it full of the things you understand and know about. But do your readers understand what you're saying? Make sure you write in their language and you won't confuse them.

  • Use subtle selling. Some people fill their newsletters with sales pitch, in an attempt to win clients. Strong sales copy can be a turn off to many people, so use your newsletter to build your reputation by giving away advice and you'll find it much easier to win new clients.

  • Keep the quality. The other way of building your reputation is by publishing a high quality newsletter, so make sure you use proper language. If you're writing to business contacts, avoid short cuts and slang and keep it professional.

Think carefully about what you're writing and who you're writing to. Put as much effort into what you write as you can and you'll find that you start to win clients without too much effort.

... and Williams F1

Tickets are selling fast for Driving Your Business, an event we're running on 21 June 2007 at the headquarters of the Williams F1 Racing Team in Oxfordshire.

Why Williams? Because they have a fantastic purpose built conference centre that's a great place to hold business events. It's easy to get to from all over the UK - people are coming from as far afield as Derbyshire and Kent. And because it's allowed us to get creative with naming the fun, interactive sessions that will take place during the day, including:

  • How to get your business onto pole position ahead of your competitors
  • How to get new ideas off the starting grid
  • The secret to effective pit stops and great teamwork
  • How to you keep your business finely tuned to deliver powerful messages
  • Keeping your clients happy once you cross the finish line.

You'll also get to hear from Steve Cunningham, who is holder of the world land and water speed records for a blind person and a successful businessman. Steve will bring the inspiration to transform your potential into reality, to help you develop yourself and the performance of your business.

As well as this, you can have lunch in the trophy room, where you can see every trophy ever won by the dedicated team and find out what drives them. You can walk through years of history and see the cars raced by the Williams team. Donít forget to bring your camera! There will also be plenty of time during the day for you to network and make new contacts.

How much?

All this for just £97 per person for the full day, including VAT, lunch and the tour of the team history. Numbers are limited, so to book your place call +44 (0)1635 578 500 or click here to request a booking form.

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