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These days everyone seems to be sending email newsletters. On every website you visit you can subscribe to a newsletter. Nearly everyone you meet offers you their free newsletter. How many of them do you sign up to? How many of them do you read, once you've subscribed?

If your inbox is so full of email newsletters that you haven't got around to reading yet, how can you make sure that your own newsletter gets read by the people who receive it? And that's after you've persuaded them to subscribe! This issue of JAC Tips shares a few secrets of how to create a unique newsletter that will always be read. Thank you for reading it!

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U is for Unique

Writing and publishing a unique newsletter is one of the best ways of encouraging new readers to subscribe to it; and of making sure they read every issue.

How do you make your newsletter unique?

  • A unique look. Start by looking at the design of your newsletter. Does it look the same as many others or is it different? Does it include your own unique logo and branding? If you don't have either, this is place to start; once you have your own style, make sure it's part of your newsletter. Whatever you can afford, pay a designer to create a unique template for your newsletter so that it looks very different to anything else that your readers receive.

  • A unique subject. Decide on what you're really good at doing and then write about. When you can focus your newsletter on an area of specialisation (this newsletter is always about newsletters), your readers will get more from it and look forward to future issues. You'll also do wonders for your reputation by becoming an 'expert' in your field.

  • A unique voice. When you write your newsletter, put your own, unique voice into it. If you're short of time you can buy copy to put into your newsletter, but it won't be unique and won't allow your readers to get to know you. Put in your own personality and your newsletter will stand out from the crowd.

When you can create newsletter that has a unique look, sound and subject, you will have a newsletter that really works for you. You'll find it easier to persuade people to subscribe and it'll be easier to encourage them to keep reading.

U is also for Understanding

How much do you know about what your clients and prospects need from you? Do you really understand what problems they are struggling with and how you can help them? How many people out there actually need your services and can afford to pay for them?

If you need some help with getting a better understanding of the market, click here to go to my marketing website, where you'll find a free PDF you can download, that will help you do some research into your market.

In July, Marketing Minds - the ongoing marketing programme for small businesses - will be looking at marketing research, to help you understand your clients better. If you'd like to know more about the programme click here. You can join at the start of any month (and in June we'll be working on newsletters!)

The next issue of JAC Tips will be V is for ... Click here to tell me what V is for.

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