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Dear Alun

In the last few months the number of new subscribers to this newsletter has gone from a disappointing 4% increase per month, up to a very pleasing 10% in March. How have I managed to attract so many new subscribers to JAC Tips? In this issue I’ll share with you exactly how I’ve done it and tell you what you can do to increase the number of people reading your words on a regular basis.

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S is for Subscribers

The bigger your newsletter mailing list, the more people you can keep in touch with. This means more people getting to know what you do and seeing that you really are an expert in your field. Which means more people who could decide to buy your products or services.

How can you increase the number of your subscribers?

  • Use your website. On every page of my website is a form that allows people to subscribe to JAC Tips. This means that wherever visitors go on the site, they can still see, very easily, how to sign up. They can also see that they get a free Check List to help them with their newsletter – an added bonus to subscribing. How easy do you make it for your website visitors to sign up and what do you offer them?

  • Offer trade offs. Last month, my newsletter was mentioned in two of my respected business colleagues’ newsletters. No hard sell – just an offer to subscribe and receive a free report or ebook. The result? Lots of people I’ve not met visited my website and signed up. If it was you – welcome!

  • Tell people about it. This sounds simple but is something that many people forget. If you’re networking, mention your newsletter to new people you meet. If you’re giving a presentation, offer your newsletter to your audience as an additional resource to what you’ve been speaking about. Asking for their business cards so you can sign them up is more effective that expecting them to remember to visit your website.

I’ve used all three of these ideas to grow my list. Have a go and see what happens to your list, your newsletter and your business.

S is also for Some Super Stuff

Shere Solutions. I’ve just been on a fantastic workshop with Tom Evans and Jenny Littlejohn from Shere Solutions, all about breathing life into your business ideas. I went along thinking about an event I want to run and came away with a head full ideas of how, why, who, what and where. Tom and Jenny taught me some great techniques for generating ideas (involving balloons, coloured pencils and silly hats!) I also met some great people who want to come to the event and can help me develop and promote it. Click here for details of their next workshop on 3 May – it really is worth it! If you’re not on ecademy, click here to email Tom.

Spiritual Development. For some great courses that will help you get closer to what you’re really about and help you take control of your destiny, without any of the wacky mumbo-jumbo that too many people associate with ‘spirituality’, click here to visit Psycademy’s website. Lisa Turner is running a number of one day workshops next month, which are also worth a look.

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