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Dear Alun

Ad hoc marketing does not work. Which means that sending just one issue of an email newsletter will not generate masses of new business for you. It means that asking a question once in your newsletter will not necessarily generate a flood of replies. It means that just because you’ve started writing a newsletter, you can’t expect great things to happen overnight.

Writing a newsletter is all about building up relationships with the people who read it. This takes time, so this issue of JAC Tips is all about patience – that virtue that many of us don’t have enough of!

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P is for … Patience

I meet many people who think that marketing is a quick fix to help them grow their business and find new clients. Many of those people think that a newsletter will help them achieve that growth. It will, but it takes time – in fact in some cases it can take at least six contacts with someone before they buy from you.

How can you be more patient with your newsletter?

  • Send your newsletter on a regular basis. Decide how often you can write your newsletter and then stick to it. If you decide to publish an issue every month, don’t miss a couple of months and expect no one to notice. If you forget about your readers for too long, they will forget about you too.

  • Keep in regular contact. Writing a good email newsletter on a regular basis isn’t always easy, but if you put in some hard work, your efforts will eventually pay off. Don’t think that you can get away with contacting your clients and prospects only every four to six months.

  • Keep asking the questions. Asking your readers in every issue to contact you if they have a question, or if they’d like a free session, of if they’d like to buy your service, won’t generate much response. Get creative with your questions. Click here to tell me about the most successful question you’ve ever asked in your newsletter. If you don’t yet publish one, click here to tell me what would make it easier for you to get started, if you could wave a magic wand!

Whatever you do, just be patient, keep up the quality and you’ll eventually start to reap rewards from your newsletter.

What Else is P for?

In this issue, here are links to three of my favourite clients who all do completely different things, who are all very patient with their marketing and their newsletters.

Psycademy – spiritual and psychic training to help you develop better insight.

Pure Bliss – gorgeous natural beauty products to help you look and feel great.

Professional Development Partnership – specialist training for those in the financial services industry.

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