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A regular newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and a useful tool for helping you find new ones. However, many people struggle to write a regular newsletter, because they donít take the time to plan what theyíre going to write about. With no plan, the task of writing can become harder and harder Ė especially if youíre not a natural writer and you find it quite difficult to get your thoughts onto paper or the screen. So this issue of JAC Tips will give you some ideas on how to plan for an easier newsletter.

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J is for Ö January, June and July

How do we get from January, June and July to planning? Because as I sat wondering what J was for when it comes to newsletters, these three words/months came to me and I decided to use them to illustrate the importance of planning.

How do you plan your newsletter?

  • A seasonal series. You can pick areas of your business and expertise that relate to the seasons. The obvious ones are surviving Christmas and a new start in the New Year; what advice can you give near Valentineís Day or in the middle of the summer?

  • The twelve things you really need to know. Divide your area of experience into twelve different issues. They donít have to be related to the seasons Ė you just need twelve areas if youíre planning a monthly newsletter. When youíve worked your way through all twelve months, start again from the beginning, updating your readers on whatís new. This is what Iíve been doing for the last two years with my other newsletter, Scribbles, which is full of ideas on how to promote your business. November is always about printed marketing and you can click here to subscribe and receive it as soon as itís published.

  • Know your ABC. When I started the A Ė Z of Newsletters I didnít think it was a very original idea, but got lots of great feedback about it. Why not try it with your area of expertise? While you donít have to plan out the exact content, knowing which letter youíre working on next will help get you started.

Some people like to write their newsletters when the inspiration grabs them. The results are usually great to read, but if youíre someone who finds writing more of a chore, put some sort of plan in place and you might even start to enjoy it!

What Else is J For?

Just Giving is a website which can help you raise money for your favourite charity. If youíve got an event coming up, you can create your own page and then direct people to it, where they can make a donation or sponsor you. The money goes straight to the charity, saving you time and effort. They can also collect Gift Aid from UK tax payers (an extra 28%), which really helps. Next April Iím doing a sponsored ride in Jordan. Iíve already raised £2000 for the Brooke Hospital for Animals. If you can help me raise another £500, click here.

Just Add Content. Well, it had to happen eventually, didnít it?! Iím usually very careful not to give too much space in this newsletter to the system that I use for sending it out, but J is definitely for Just Add Content (or JAC as we like to call him.) I bought the system nearly two years ago and combined it with my marketing business. What makes us different is the fact that we provide a very personal level of service Ė you can speak to real people at sensible times of the day. In addition, itís not just about newsletters Ė we give our clients masses of marketing support, to help them get the best from their newsletters. If youíd like to know more, click here. Thanks for bearing with me; shameless plug now officially over!

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