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Dear Alun

The last issue of JAC Tips was about growing your mailing list. To help you along, I asked you to share your ideas, in return for a mention in this issue. So thank you to Jackie Barrie of Comms Plus, who said "I always include a 'funny' section - this encourages people to forward the whole thing to their friends." Click here to sign up to Jackie's newsletter - Writing without Waffle - and see what she means.

Do you have an idea you'd like to share in the next issue? What is I for?

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H is for ... Having Fun

Jackie's idea is also the inspiration for this issue, where H is for Having Fun. Too many people find writing a regular newsletter a real chore. If you don't enjoy writing, it'll come across in your newsletter and your readers will be able to tell. However, if you can have fun with your newsletter, you'll make a much better impression on your readers.

How do you have fun writing your newsletter?

  • Give yourself plenty of time for writing. Do you put off writing your next issue until the last minute and find yourself rushing to get it done? If you treat yourself to plenty of time, you'll find that writing is much more enjoyable and less of a hassle. More time gives you time to play around with different words and ideas.

  • Ask someone else to write your newsletter for you. There are plenty of really good copywriters out there who love writing. They can take your ideas and turn them into issues of your newsletter quite easily. If you need any recommendations, click here to tell me a bit about your business and I'll introduce to some writers. (If you're a writer, click here to tell me what you love writing.)

  • How many ideas do you have? Many people think they don't have enough to write about, so they don't get started. If this is you, think about all the different services you provide and all the questions that your clients ask you. Try a spot of brainstorming to help you create a list of topics. Once you have this list, you can start collecting information and ideas, so that when if comes to writing time, you've already got material to get you started.

Try to have more fun with your newsletter and you'll find it much easier to get your message across to your readers and keep them reading everything you write.

H is also for ... Help!

Can you help?

My business is growing and in January we are moving to new offices on the Oxfordshire/Berkshire border in the south of England. This means that we'll have room for a new full or part-time member of staff. Do you know anyone who is up for a new challenge, who wants to have fun at work?

If you know someone who can help us provide a high level of customer service to our growing number of clients and who can use their initiative to solve problems, please ask them to call me on 01235 851 771 to find out more.

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