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When you want to promote and grow your business, there are many things you can do that help. You can go networking - but there are only so many hours you can spend away from the office and only so many breakfasts you can eat. How about advertising? Can be expensive. Your website is really helpful, but it relies on people visiting it.

Your newsletter is one of the most cost effective way of 'speaking' to a large number of people on a regular basis. Grow your mailing list and you can talk to even more people, putting yourself in front of even more potential clients. So in this issue of JAC Tips, G is for Growth.

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G is for ... Growing Your Mailing List

Growing a mailing list can take time and effort, but do it properly and you'll gradually build a list of people who really want to read everything that you send them and who will pass your newsletter on to many other people.

How can you grow your mailing list?

  • Are you promoting your newsletter on your website? Do you have a subscription form on every single page of your site (so that visitors don't have to find just one particular page where they can sign up)? Do you explain what readers will get when they subscribe to your newsletter, or do you just ask them to 'subscribe to a free e-mail'? Do you offer a 'freebie' in return for signing up, like a free report or factsheet, to encourage them?

  • Do you tell people about your newsletter when you're at networking meetings or giving presentations? Your newsletter is a great way of keeping in touch with someone you've just met, so do you offer it to everyone with whom you have a good conversation at a meeting? If you're presenting to a large group, do you invite them to subscribe (by asking them to give you their business cards, rather than relying on them going to your website and signing up)?

  • Do you encourage your readers to pass your newsletter to other people and make it clear who else might want to read it? JAC Tips is read by people who already send out a newsletter and are looking for ways of improving it; it's also read by people who need help getting started. If you know anyone like that who would find JAC Tips helpful, please do send it on to them, or ask them to go to and sign up. (They'll get a free check list if they do!)

What else do you do to promote your newsletter and grow your mailing list? Click here to share your ideas - if yours are the best, I'll publish them in the next issue of JAC Tips and give your newsletter a mention (to help you grow your mailing list!)

G is also for ...

Two of my favourites Gs are:

Grovelands. Melanie Greene publishes 'Inspire', a wonderful monthly newsletter full of inspiration for your life and your business.

Gabrielle Izen creates beautiful e-cards for you to send to friends, clients or colleagues.

Visit their websites to find out more.

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