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C could be for copy, credentials, cost of sales or competition ... but the winning suggestion I received was Customer Care. Why is it the winner? Because it's far more cost effective to sell to one of your existing clients than it is to attract and sell to a new contact. To be able to do this, you need to really care for them and remind them that you do. What better tool to use for this than your newsletter?

Read on to find out how.

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C is for ... Customer Care

The process of attracting new clients and telling them what you can do to help them can be a lengthy and expensive business. This is why it's more cost effective to care for the customers you have. However, providing them with top quality service whenever they ask for it is just part of it. If you wait for your customers to come to you, they may forget about you; they may not know how much you really value them.

How can you use your newsletter to provide excellent customer care?

  • Tell your customers about all the different things that you do, by writing about them. One issue on each different aspect of your service or product range allows you to tell your customers what else you can do to help them, without bombarding them with sales pitch

  • Use your newsletter to add value to the service your clients pay for. Give them extra advice and ideas without charging them any extra. You can answer frequently asked questions, write summaries of events and news, or provide up to date industry information in easy to read missives

  • Tell your clients about other people who can help them with their business. Mention services that are complimentary to yours. This helps your customers recognise you as someone who really cares about their business and to whom they can turn for advice.

Customer Care is about keeping in touch with your customers and telling them you like to do business with them. Use your newsletter to show your customers how much they care and they will repay you with their loyalty.

C is also for ...

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And one that will just make you feel better ...

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