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When I started thinking about this series - the A to Z of newsletters - I thought of dozens of things I could write about for each letter. B could be about using bold in your newsletter or how many bytes your readers can take. But what about the important relationships that you can build with your newsletter, to drive your business forward?

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B is for ... Building Relationships

If you're one of those people who thinks that someone is going to buy from you after they read just one issue of your newsletter, you might be disappointed. If you think that you can place one advert or publish one press release and get lots of new enquiries, then you've been given the wrong marketing advice.

When you provide a service or a high quality product that doesn't come cheap, your clients need time to make their decision to buy from you. They need to fully understand what your service or product can do for them. They want to be convinced that you're the right person for them, before they invest a considerable amount of time and money with you.

B is for Building Relationships because your newsletter can help you do this. When you publish a regular newsletter, you give your readers time to get to know you, your products, your services, your expertise and even your other clients. When someone trusts you, they are more likely to buy from you, or recommend you to other people.

How can you use your newsletter to build relationships?

  • Give away free advice. This shows that you are interested in helping other people. The more you give away, the more people will come back to you when they need to pay for your service

  • Demonstrate the detail of your business. Use your newsletter to explore and discuss different aspects of what you do and how you do it, to help people understand the different options and issues

  • Take the time. You've probably heard before that ad hoc marketing doesn't work. A newsletter lets you nurture prospects over time, giving you an unobtrusive way of keeping in touch with people for as long as it takes, until they're ready to buy from you.

Use your newsletter to build long term, trusting relationships with your prospects and you can turn them into clients. Use it to deepen the relationship you have with your clients and you can turn them into life-long supporters of your business.

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B is also for ...

Here are three other businesses I'm building relationships with, who might also be able to help you.

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Bill Brown runs Minutueman Press in Banbury, Oxfordshire. If you're in the UK and need some good quality printing, contact Bill. A word of warning - Bill only works with happy customers!

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