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You've probably heard that you can make the writing of a regular newsletter far less daunting by writing a series. It can help you generate ideas and get over the problem of the blank screen that stares back at you. I've decided to take my own advice and start a new series for JAC Tips - the A to Z of newsletters. It will bring you useful advice and practical ideas every two weeks, as we work through the alphabet.

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A is for ... Attraction

If you've been reading JAC Tips for a while, you know that I don't believe that newsletters should be used for the hard sell. A newsletter is a marketing tool that can be used to promote your products and services by building up relationships with your readers and showing them what you can do.

Some people try to grow huge mailing lists so that their words are read by thousands of different people who all have different problems that need to be solved. "I can do anything for anyone" is a phrase that you might hear - or even say to a prospective client. But if you can do everything for everyone, how will your prospects know exactly what you can do to help them?

A is for Attraction because your newsletter can be used to attract the best prospects and clients to your business, so that you can provide them with products and services you are really good at providing. Surely it's better to do one or two things really well for a select group of clients, who keep coming back for more?

How can you use your newsletter to attract customers?

  • Be specific about what you do and who you do it for. Keep your newsletter focused on the few things that you do really well
  • Build relationships with your readers by offering them advice that will help them to find their ideal clients. The more free help you give away, the more business you will receive as a result of it
  • Use your newsletter to tell your readers about the sort of people you'd like to work with, so that they can spread the word and help you with your marketing.

Focus on using your newsletter to attract customers, rather than using it to sell to everyone you meet. When you do, your mailing list will grow naturally and clients will come and find you.

In the next issue of JAC Tips, what will B be for? If you have a suggestion that you'd like to share, or a technical or marketing term that you'd like explained, click here to tell me about it.

Attracting Perfect Customers

The inspiration for this issue came from a book called "Attracting Perfect Customers" by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez and if you're serious about promoting your business, I suggest that you read it.

The book takes you through a very clear process that helps you to identify your perfect clients - the people you really want to work with - and suggests ways of getting to know them. It encourages you to list all the products, services, support and value you want to provide for these customers. It then helps you identify areas for improvements within your business, to make it more attractive to the people who matter.

If you want to learn how to work with clients who really appreciate what you do, read this book!

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