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Would you like an Inspiring read? Rest assured I am not trying to flog my own book! In last August's Inspire I provided some recommended reading and I thought I would do the same this year. These are books that I have found interesting, and have inspired me to put their ideas into action. If you have a book that you would like to share with me then I would love to hear from you.

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Melanie Greene

Melanie Greene

Would you like an inspiring read?

Success Intelligence – Robert Holden

You might have heard of Robert Holden, he is Director of Success Intelligence and The Happiness Project. He was featured on Oprah and two major BBC TV documentaries. He is one of those people who practises what he preaches, which always inspires me.

The book is full of thought provoking ideas and facts about our current way of living and working in today's society. It covers such areas as:

  • The Manic Society
  • The Busy Generation
  • The Failure of More
  • A PhD in Happiness

If you ever felt that your goal setting leaves you wanting in certain areas of your life, then his Intelligent Goals System is incredibly useful in setting and implementing goals that encompass all aspects of life: Spiritual Goals (Vision and Values), Character Goals (Being), Achievement Goals (Doing), Acquisition Goals (Having), Relationship Goals (Giving), Destination Goals (Going), Present Time Goals (Now). It is certainly a different way of looking at goal setting for your life.

If you feel you are on a treadmill, then he reports:

‘At my Stress Busters Clinic, I saw firsthand consistently that people who work only for money are very susceptible to stress and stress related illnesses, such as hypertension, migraines, ulcers, immune deficiency and insomnia. This is particularly true during challenging times when vision and purpose are what sustain people and inspire eventual success.'

So if you are finding that you are living a manic life and want some inspiration then this book will provide you with insights and ideas of how to go about changing your approach to life.

Are you caught up in our manic society? What sustains you during the tough times?

Chasing Daylight – Eugene O'Kelly

Gene was the CEO of KPMG when at 54 years young he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and given months to live (as it turned out it was three months).

Like so many books written by people who are dying, it teaches us how to live. Here are some points I got from the book:

  • To tune in and use all our senses in order to really appreciate everything that is around us. Stop now and listen (I can hear birds outside, the wind rustling the trees, as well as the buzz of a small plane), look around you, what do you see, what can you smell, what do you feel right now, how does your body feel. Practice becoming more fully immersed in day to day life, rather than racing through it and hardly noticing what is around you.
  • The importance of showing appreciation now to those around us whom we value, rather than waiting until they have died or we are about to die. Gene spent time saying goodbye to 100's of people in his life, and these moments turned out to be some of the most moving experiences that he had
  • Acceptance of whatever challenges we face (his was his failing health and impending death) allows us to find joy and serenity even amongst these so called terrible times. He mentions often that even though he had had such a great life, doing what he wanted to do, excelling in his career, it was the last three months that became the best months of his life.
  • Organising Perfect Moments and Perfect Days, which might involve simple things with those we care about: a walk in the park, a picnic, and a phone call to someone we have not spoken to for ages.

Gene did not spend time regretting the past – he wanted to enjoy the time he had left, but he did reflect on his working life:

‘I had barely even considered limiting my office schedule. Yet had I done so intentionally, who's to say that, besides having more time with my family, I wouldn't also have been even more focussed at work? More creative? More productive?'

What would constitute your Perfect Day or Perfect Moment? Are there people who you have not thanked or told them why you appreciate them?

Moments In Between: The art of the quiet mind – David Kundtz

I've mentioned many times in Inspire David Kundtz's first book ‘Stopping'. Moments In Between is a beautiful book encompassing lovely photos, inspiring quotes and a different topic on each page. David provides reflections and encouragement to stop and ponder life and the universe and thereby find more meaning within it.

The sections include:

  • Still moments in busy days
  • Remembering to take the time
  • A new way of dealing with life
  • Making room for life
  • Finding your balance
  • The moments in between
  • Creating opportunities for serenity
  • Defining your values
  • Paying attention
  • Knowing thyself
  • Awaking to wonder

David reflects on quiet times while mowing the lawn…

‘Often, we do in fact have times of quiet and peace, times of doing nothing, but we don't identify them as such. It helps to identify them, because then we will value them more clearly and defend them more staunchly. What are those times for you? Swimming laps? Doing dishes? Digging the Garden? The more we recognize how we find those times of peace and serenity already in our lives, the more we can be conscious in choosing them.'

If you have trouble switching off on your holidays, at weekends or want to find some peace and quiet in your busy life then this is the book for you.

Are you having trouble switching off, balancing life, and managing the pressures that you face? Our coaching or training programmes could be of use to you. For more information about Grovelands visit our website: or call Melanie on 01865 377334 or email to arrange a time to speak in confidence.

Author’s quotes…

‘You do not see a world that is objective to you. You see your beliefs. You see your hopes. You see your fears. A cynic and an optimist both believe they see the “truth”, but really they just see what they most identify with.'

Robert Holden


‘No one could say that in my dying days that I was not still learning.'

Eugene O'Kelly


‘I was still living on Earth; I wanted to enjoy my time here; I was trying to live Perfect Moments and Perfect Days. But I also had to prepare myself. Every day, I had to spend some time getting ready for that. I had to put myself in my meditative space. I had to quiet myself. Simplify. Devote myself truly to preparing for the next adventure.'

Eugene O'Kelly


‘It is impossible to overemphasise the importance of deep, conscious breathing. Its benefits are numerous and profound. Far beyond what one might expect from an activity so common and automatic.

The tendency in our speeded-up world is to breathe shallow, quick breaths that contribute to our general feeling of tightness and hurry.'

David Kundtz






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