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How wise are you? When writing my book ‘Master Your Inner Critic, Release Your Inner Wisdom’ (available in the shops or from me) the first working title did not have any reference to ‘inner wisdom’. It was only as I wrote the book, and learned to master my inner critic that I noticed that I seemed to be getting wiser, so I added a new section to the book and it is the topic for this month’s Inspire.

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Best wishes for a wise February.

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How wise are you?

What is wisdom? – We often think that wisdom comes with age, but this is not always so. I know a young boy who has heaps of wisdom at the tender age of nine.

Wisdom is defined as ‘good sense or judgement’, ‘keen discernment’ and ‘deep understanding’. Let’s face it: even though at times we might act foolishly, we have also from time to time exercised good judgement, good sense and understood things from a more profound perspective. For some this might be a fleeting experience, for others a more regular occurrence. 

For me when I tap into my wisdom to make decisions and take action I find I am totally at one with myself, there is no doubt, I seem to instinctlvely know what to do.

Are you aware of when you are using your wisdom?

When do you tap into it? When do you lose it?

What blocks your wisdom? – In my book I describe what it is like tuning into our inner wisdom:

‘Have you ever been listening to an analogue radio station when interference has prevented you from receiving a clear signal? Listening to your inner wisdom can be a lot like that: you might sense the inner wisdom is around but find it hard to tune in and hear it clearly.

The interference in our heads often blocks out our inner wisdom. The noise from our inner critic or our fears can stop us from hearing and listening to our wisdom. If we have not learned to still our inner critic and inner fears, even if we have moments of insight we are either going to not hear them or dismiss them immediately.’

What blocks your wisdom? How can you tune into it more often?

What would a wise life be like? – When I am being wise I view the world and my life in a more balanced perspective. My thoughts are positive; I think more clearly, step back and see issues from a different perspective. I take wiser actions about how to approach my work and life, even if I am facing great challenges – in fact it is even more important when we are facing great challenges.

What is it like for you when you tap into your wisdom? How does it change your perspective on life? How do you think, feel and behave when you are using your wisdom?

What happens when you ignore your wisdom? – The affects of ignoring our wise self, being ruled by our inner critic or fearful self can range from:

  • Making foolish decisions, making mistakes

  • Ill health, stress or depression when we do not listen to what our bodies are telling us

  • Tiredness, lack of energy and motivation

What happens when we listen to our wisdom? – Here are some of the points mentioned in the book:

  • Feeling more sure and confident in your actions and about yourself.

  • More energy, motivation, satisfaction and enjoyment of life. 

  • Knowing when to ask for support or help.

  • Being able to say ‘No’ or stop volunteering for everything.

  • Stopping and resting before you get exhausted or ill.

How can you benefit from listening to your inner wisdom?


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Quotes to assist you in Releasing Your Inner Wisdoms

‘Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time.’

Theodore Roosevelt

Along the way to knowledge,

Many things are accumulated.

Along the way to wisdom,

Many things are discarded.'

Tao Te Ching

'Learn to distinguish between straining and stretching yourself – the former leads to injury, the latter to development.’

Anne Dickson

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