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Do you want an inspiring read? I thought that for the August edition of Inspire I would share with you some of my favourite non-fiction books, in case you are looking for some inspirational reading over the summer.

Spring release – In July I signed a contract with a publisher for my Mastering Your Inner Critic, Releasing Your Inner Wisdom book which will be out in January 2008. I will keep you posted when I have more details.

New Autumn programme of events - Please take a look at the right hand column for the dates of our forthcoming events on the following topics: Coaching & Performance Management; Mastering Your Inner Critic, Releasing Your Inner Wisdom; Managing Challenging Interactions; Fantastic Futures. For the Fantastic Futures programme there is a discount if you book before the end of August, please contact me for details.

Wishing you a great summer regardless of the weather!

Melanie Greene

Do You Want an Inspiring Read?

Stopping: How To Be Still When You Have To Keep Going

by David Kundz

ISBN: 0-7171-2915-2

A very appropriate book for this time of year. It is a book that I dip back into and re-read on a regular basis, whenever life seems to run away with me and I need to stop. It is easy to read and inspirational. He talks about different types of stopping:

  • Stillpoints – that you can do during your day

  • Stopovers – these might be an evening, day or weekend away

  • Grinding Halts! – when you take a good amount of time out to ponder life and ensure that you are heading in the right direction

David Kundz’s says about Carpe Diem – seizing the day:

‘I say that we had better know what diem we want to carpe before we carpe it, or we are likely to end up with the wrong day. Before you seize the day, stop for a day. Or even for a minute.’

You Can Have What You Want

by Michael Neill

ISBN: 1-4019-1078-5

I have been subscribing to Michael Neill’s weekly coaching tips for about 12 years and they are a constant source of support and inspiration, therefore I snapped up his first book when it came out. Perhaps while stopping you might want to dip into this and do some of the exercises to assist you in ‘Living an Inspired Life’. He also provides lots of ideas and techniques for overcoming the possible obstacles to achieving this, including such blocks as: time, beliefs, motivation, money, fear etc.

The Power Of Patience: How To Slow The Rush And Enjoy More Happiness, Success And Peace Of Mind Every Day

by M J Ryan

ISBN: 1-533-81614-4

I bought this a few years ago to give to my dad, and when I dipped into it I realised that I needed it so I kept it (sorry dad). Probably most of us need this nowadays. We want everything to happen now, get frustrated with others or organisations we have to deal with or life in general. This is a lovely little book to dip into when you need to calm down, which gives plenty of food for thought and practical ideas.

'..when such trials do come - and most likely will, for each life has its measure of sorrow - we have two choices: to rail endlessly against what is happening or to exprience our feelings of sorrow, fear and anger, then engage our patience and allow the challenge to grow our souls.' M J Ryan

Can you recommend a book? I would love to hear about any of your favourite books.

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