Monthly Tip –

Voice Control;      how to command attention!

Every wonder why your little darlings won’t listen to you no matter how much you shout at them, but as soon as they hear ‘Dad’s’ voice they shut up? 

It’s all about the perception of control. 

Somebody in control speaks slowly and clearly in a deeper voice. 

When you lose control, your voice rises and you start to shout.  You also start to sound like your children and they can’t tell your voice apart from theirs in the din.

So lower the tone of your voice.  Even if you need to shout, shout from your stomach not your throat.  If you use your diaphragm to push the air out, it will be stronger and louder. Alternatively cheat and use a whistle.  Everybody will shut up, even the parents!


Great Suppliers – Daiso

Daiso is an amazing shop, where everything is S$2.00.  It’s absolutely jammed packed with all sorts of stuff.  You can find some pretty good party favours there, as well as household stuff, stationery, trinkets and D.I.Y fittings.  They used to be just at IMM Building, Jurong, but have now expanded into Plaza Singapura and Vivo City, Harbour Front. 


Art Club -

Dream Catchers                and Kaleidoscopes 

End November and December is the holiday break for all schools here in Singapore.  In November, we will teach kids how to make Native American-Indian Dream Catchers and special Sweet-filled Kaleidoscopes.  So for something different during the holidays, bring them along to our morning Art Clubs!  Click for more details.


Installation Tip –

To stick stuff on the wall without damaging your paint work use safety pins and masking tape.  Place safety pins in each corner, put a length of masking tape through the pin, close and stick to the wall.

For posters, put some making tape through an open pin and stick to the back of the poster. Now put some more tape through the pin, facing out, and stick to the wall.


Novemeber 2006, Issue 2

Dear Adele,

Every little girl dreams of being a princess, so in this month issue of ‘Let’s Party!, we will help you create your own Fairy Tail Castle and host a Magical Ball, for your very own special little princess.

If you need any particular advice for your party, visit our website or call us on +(65) 8180-0240

Best wishes,



In this month’s issue

  • Party Piece – Pretty as a Princess
  • Tip of the Month – Voice Control; how to command attention!
  • Supplier of the Month – Diaso
  • Art Club –  Dream Catch and Kaleidoscopes
  • Installation Tip – sticking to the wall without damaging your paint work

Party Piece – Fairy Tale Castle

“Come one come all, you’re most welcome to my Royal Ball.”  Welcome, I’m your Fairy Godmother.  Below your will find help hints to create your own Royal Ball, so you can dance till midnight like Cinderella or find your own Princess Charming like Aurora.

Setting the Scene

  • Pink, pink and more pink, with a dash of gold! –  buy lots of cheap pink and gold fabric and drape every where:- walls, ceilings, columns, banisters and tables.  Use the gold in strips as bows, and wrap a chair to make a throne for your princess.
  • Wrapping paper posters – can’t find posters to match your theme?  Then use wrapping paper.  Print out images of princesses, cut out and paste onto the wrapping paper.  Highlight edges or boarders with glitter glue – and you've created your own posters.
  • Letter Banners – use themed wrapping paper.  Cut out the letters of your birthday child’s name, mount on card or cover in sticky back plastic.  Voilá personalised decorations.

Princess Crafts –

  • Colouring in sheets – download them from web sites and print.
  • Click here for Cinderella.
  • Click here for Belle.
  • Making Tiaras or Knight's Crowns – cut gold/silver card into 5cm wide strips (and long enough to circle their heads).  Cut gold paper dollies into half and staple one onto the crown to make a tiara, and then help children decorate with jewels or sequins.
  • Magic Sweeper – use lollypop sticks, twisty ties and feathers to create a duster for the Dust Ball Derby game.  Decorate with child’s name in glitter glue and sequins.

Royal Games –

  • Musical Thrones – the continuous version!  If younger party goers are out you will probably get tears – so create a second ‘Magic’ circle with the chairs/cushions that you remove from the main circle.  This way every body still plays, as the ‘Magic’ circle gets bigger while the original circle shrinks. You can choose to have one winner or have ‘Every one’s a winner’.
  • Glide Like a Princess – this teaches deportment, how to walk properly.  Give each child a book to balance on their head.  Show then how to walk, ‘Glide’ across the room without it falling off. If it does they have to start again.  This isn’t a race, but a test of grace!
  • Dust Ball Derby – use the duster you made early.  Put children into 2 teams, sprinkle the floor with cotton wool balls and see which team and sweep the most dust balls into a box/basket/hula hoop etc.

Inviting boys to the party, they can come dressed as Knights, or Super Hero’s.  Download Knights in shinning Armour colouring sheets

Click here for Knight 1.

Click here for Knight 2.