January 08

Dear Phil,

Evolved Medical Services is a new independent ambulance provider based near Reading. The company has been established with a clear vision of providing unrivalled patient care in the independent sector, in partnership with the NHS or as a direct commissioned supplier. Evolved Medical is fully committed to meeting the challenges of “Call Connect”, as the industry prepares for its introduction in April 2008. The company offers not only the resources with the correct provision of qualified staff, but free assessment of call demand and an independent perspective to achieve performance. In order to achieve this goal, Evolved Medical is enlisting the services of experienced operators in pre-hospital care, combined with experienced business professionals and investors who have capitalised the company to achieve both our business plan, and the needs and requirements of our patients and clients.

Patient Transport Services for Milton Keynes General

Evolved Medical is proud to be working with Milton Keynes General in the provision of NEPTS (Non Emergency Patient Transport Services) and HDU (High Dependency) units. The service is geared towards discharges in the evenings and admission avoidance for the Trust.

Rapid Response Resources for GWAST

Evolved Medical is to deploy four rapid response vehicles with GWAST from the 1st February. Evolved is fortunate to have a high level of paramedics able to man our vehicles on behalf of the NHS, and we are delighted to be working with the Trust to achieve its its Strategy & Corporate Objectives 2007/08 and Operational Plan 2007/08,to ensure the right care, at the right place and at the right time.

Can We Assist Your Organisation??

Evolved Medical would be delighted to compile a proposal to meet your future and prospective requirements. Please contact us at info@evolvedmedical.co.uk or through the 24 hour call centre.